Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Happy Tuesday everyone! We woke up to RAIN this morning, but the sun finally came out this afternoon. I'm getting so excited for the weather to get to the point that I can actually plant some flowers! There is nothing quite like going to load up your car with hanging baskets and red geraniums! I love to go to the Farmer's Market, there is such a variety there. Oh well, it won't be TOO long now. I wanted to share another piece of that OLD quilt with you, this is my favorite! What a wonderful wall hanging this would be. I hung it inside one of our "houses" in the shop. $69.95
Got a couple more signs in the shop. This one is hanging on the old log cabin. I love these "2 piece" kind, all wired together! $24.95

This is the other one. What great old boards these are on! $29.95
Business was SLOW today. I talked to two other shopowners from our area and they were really slow too. Sure hope business picks up again soon, but this whole GM thing is pretty scarry for Michigan. On the bright side, I'm just sure that it will and we will all be just fine!
Ladies Night Out is a week from Friday (May 8) and that should be so much fun! I'm trying to get more and more goodies in the shop, with a good bit to choose from.
Holly also is about to start the summer Car Cruise nights, every Wednesday evening. I'm going to start staying open until 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and give all the gals a place to shop and look while their hubbies are looking at engines! It is lots of fun, there is always music, raffles and a very festive air in the streets. The main stage is right across the street from my shop, so it's fun to leave the door open and listen to the music!
Well gals, my Abbey is coming to spend the night and help make dinner. I got a huge container of strawberries at the grocery store and I think strawberry shortcake is in order!
Have a great evening and we'll talk tomorrow...


  1. Love your signs...they are so very old looking!! Just great!

  2. Hi Dawn....business is slow for me too and my husband's business has been very slow since the beginning of the year, it's quite scary and depressing actually....I always try to look on the bright side but it's getting more difficult all the time....ok well enough of that, Idol is on tonight, yay! Janet

  3. Oh the Car Cruise nights sound so wonderful! I bet you are swamped when they start! I wish I lived closer because it sounds like such a fun time!
    Love your signs by the way!

  4. Dawn,
    Love that old quilt piece, just awesome. Like your signs, too. I hope business picks up for you. That GM thing is such a sad situation for Mi. We have a BIL that has worked there for 30 yrs and who knows what may happen with him. If they go bankrupt poor Tim won't even get his retirement. Wishing for you lots of sales.

  5. Hi Dawn,
    The GM Plant in Dayton closed here...which is about 30 minutes away. Lots of other production plants in our are has closed and some of the towns around here are looking like ghost towns. It is very sad!!
    I haven't had a store in years, but my on-line business has been slow and so was my show last fall...and it really worries me wondering what this year's shows will be like.
    I hope you have great sales on the Ladies Night Out. I'll be there in spirit...thinking of all the fun you are having.
    Loved Idol tonight!!
    hugs, Cindy

  6. Hi Dawn!
    Love the signs, I've never seen those around here, sure wish I lived closer too:) I'd love the Ladies Night out...I'd so be there:)
    That quilt is so neat!

  7. The quilt piece is really interesting!

  8. Hi Dawn....as the finish line is now in sight on Idol, it becomes more and more difficult to see each one go, I guess it was Matt's time....yes Adam did look surprised to be in the bottom three!....with next week being rock, it sure would have been nice not to have to hear him screaming, oh well!....and I was sorry to see Julianne and Chuck eliminated on DWTS, he was just getting good! Janet

  9. Love the quilt piece & the old signs. I am really looking forward to hearing about your Ladies evening in town.

  10. Hi Dawn! GREAT SIGNS! Yeah, GM is hurting the Dayton area too, I feel your pain & worry, it has effected my home too. Business has been slow here too, especially last week & this week...but you're right, it will pick up...it always does! Car Cruise Nights sounds like our Saturday Night Out's (car shows) here in Germantown, always brings lots of folks to town...I stay open late too! Lots of fun! Best wishes! Missie (: