Thursday, April 2, 2009


What a nice spring day we had here in Michigan today. Unfortunately, I don't think it is going to last, but I'll take whatever we can get! This picture didn't show up as well as I'd hoped. Our home was built by my great-grandfather's uncle (Henry Downing) and after we bought our home, I was fortunate to receive these photo's from my mom. The picture of the house is from the era of penny postcards. The dinner scene is Christmas Eve 1897 and my grandmother is 12 years old in this picture. Wish they showed up better!
I took this picture on our Ohio trip and it so reminded me of the gardening time that is sure to get here sooner or later. I love all the watering cans, but especially the sign - it just says it all!

FINALLY I got to have the door open to the shop today and let some fresh air inside. It felt so great! One of the antique dealers down the street came in because he could actually smell the candle from out on the street! I love to be able to air things out after such a LONG winter. One more week and I can finally do a shop redo - just waiting for Easter to be over. Getting pretty antsy, hope I can wait!
Tonight is sewing night. Hubby works late every Thursday night, so this is a good time to get a little caught up. I cut out about 6 dolls at the shop today, so I can't wait to get going on them. I've had all these ideas in my head since I went to Ohio and just haven't had a chance to work on any of them. I got some great fabric when I went up north on Tuesday, so now I can finally put it to use!
Well prim pals, have a great evening and enjoy the sunshine if it has hit your neck of the woods! Until tomorrow...


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  2. Door Open Weather...I like that! Tim and I call this type of weather..PORCH SITTING WEATHER!! Which we did this afternoon..nice day here,too. I love the picture of the watering cans and the picture of your shop with the door open..oh I so want to visit! SOMEDAY!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Dawn!....oh your shop looks so very inviting especially with the door open!....I love airing things out too, it's so refreshing!....have fun sewing your dolls this evening! Janet :)

  4. Hey that header pic!!!! It has been warm enough down here that I leave the back door open so the breeze can blow thru the screen is so nice to sit on the porch swing at this time of year....ohhhh I bet I could find some treasures in your shop! Yhanks for coming by and I hope you are having a great week!

  5. Hi Dawn,
    Great picture of your shop with the doors inviting!! On my next trip to MI...I want to come visit your shop.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. How inviting your shop looks with the door open wide to invite all in:)

    Love all those watering cans and the sign does just say it all!
    Have a great day,

  7. Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit...I'd love to have the sampler emailed to me, I don't have one so it would be much appreciated:) Here is my email- rondell1951(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do it:)

  8. Hi Dawn...your shop is soooo cute. I love the gree and the paned prim and country feeling.

    The pictures you have of the homestead are priceless! I enlarged the page and was able to view them quite well.

    Thanks for sharing with us


  9. Hey Dawn~~ are too dang funny!! It is great to be back in blog-land!! I have missed you and having you stop by to say HI!!! You are such a sweet gal!! Would love to see your shop some day!! Looking good chick-a~~~!!! ;O)

    Many blessings and many huggies......
    Lori :O)

  10. OK...I've got to get busy! That's all there is to it! It's your turn to inspire me... this is obviously a primitive contagious bug! Your store front....ahhhhh...I just can't seem to find the words! So screams YOU MUST SHOP HERE! If I was passing couldn't keep me out of there!! The wagon, signs, all looks SO great! You go girl!!!!! I see BIG SALES in your future!