Wednesday, April 1, 2009


What a week! I thought I was going up north on Monday and didn't actually get to take off until Tuesday morning. It was kind of a rushed trip, but well worth it. Got to check on The Little House (our cottage) and spend a little time with Debbie and Kenny. We went into Tawas and I got some beautiful material for new projects and then we LOADED the back of my Escape. Fun, fun, fun! I ALMOST crawled into my little treehouse bedroom and spent the night, but I didn't want to have to get up so early to drive back before the shop opened. Oh well, we're going back up Saturday night and taking our Abbey girl with us. I was just messing around the other night and made these little calico covered tin cans for Easter baskets. They have a rusty wire handle and one cinnamon egg inside. I took one up Debbie and she just loved it.
Terri brought more handmades on Sunday and these little, extreme black sock heads were part of the goodies. They are done on old bed springs and are just adorable. Check out the wild hair!!! I feel so lucky to be selling her wares, she really GETS the whole prim, handmade thing. As you know, not everybody does!

She also made pantry cakes for the shop. We have big ones and little ones and they smell SO yummy!
Don't they look great in this old strawberry carrier?
Then yesterday Debbie sent home some great prim finds. This old wooden wall box with the original stencil is really great. This picture sure doesn't do it justice!
Check out this huge, old wooden tool box! What a great addition to a porch or sunroom!
I love this little child's blue chair. It sure seems like blue is coming back into style fast and furious! Can you see the old quilt table runner? Another Terri creation.
Another Debbie find is this old wooden barrel with the hinged lid. What a cute hamper or wastebasket!
Can you ever have enough old stools? I decided that's my next collection. I would really like a stack of old stools.
I'm getting so excited for the Easter season to be over (at least at the store). I'm so ready for a redo! I've got lots of new goodies to put out and more coming. (Sometimes it's so hard to wait!) I want to do the whole front section of the store like an old porch. I have an old TALL wooden gate, some picket, an old black vintage patio set and more coming. Can't wait to put it all in place! I want to hang the red, white and blue buntings and bring in the Liberty and Uncle Sam dolls too. I love to have a new look every once in awhile! Today I put all of our seasonal Easter goodies at 25% off. Maybe this will help some people in this economy have something new for spring.
Tonight I'm going to try to mix up the formula to rust pins. Haven't tried it yet, but can't wait to see if it works. I also want to start cutting out more dolls. I feel like I've really fallen behind this week and need a little kick to get moving again.
Of course, it's also Idol night. Who do you think is going to go? I think Danny is still my favorite. I kind of hope Megan is the one to go this week. Does anybody watch Dancing With The Stars?
Well, that's it for today. Time to finish up dinner and get some things done around here. Hope to have another home tour for you soon too. Have a great evening and don't work too hard...

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  1. I watch Dancing With the Stars faithfully, Cheryl and her partner are my favorite! The man has everything going for him.LOL
    I do watch some Idol just not as much as DWTS's

    Love all that Deb found and made!