Monday, April 13, 2009


What a treat this Easter was for me! Ashley and Tony invited everyone for dinner and all I had to do was take a couple dishes to pass. This is the first time in 30 years that I haven't done a holiday dinner. It was such a relaxing day. Hope everyone had time to enjoy your families and count your blessings. Thought I'd share some pictures from our fun day! Our son Rich, Val and little granddaugther Sydney stopped over late morning for a visit before going on to other dinners. Isn't Sydney just a sweetie??? Love those dimples.
When we got to Ashley and Tony's house, everything looked so festive. Her table was so pretty!

Ashley, Tony and Abbey (with Lucy on the way). Great job Ash!
Proud Abbey with her Easter basket. What a dear, dear little girl. I love her with my whole heart.
Me and my Abigail Dawn!
Mom and Dad enjoying their dinner.
Chad's Kim (a/k/a Bow to Abbey). I think she is a favorite at this house!
My "big boy" Chad (a/k/a Kunkle to Abbey) doing Silly Putty that the Easter bunny left in her basket. I so enjoyed having time with Chad. He went with me down to see the shop after dinner and we walked around Holly for a few quiet moments. It was great!
Sneak peek at the sign Ashley did for the new nursery on the old door. Our new granddaughter is going to be named Lucianna and Lucy for short.
Bow (Kim) and Abbey doing a puppet show for everyone to enjoy. Glad it's your turn Bow!
Great Grandpa loved the puppet show!
This is a teaser of the nursery. Not quite done, but sure is coming along. You can't believe the time this has taken! It is going to be SO adorable when it's all finished.
Love the old screen door Ashley put on her kitchen pantry. I want one now too! Ashley and Tony bought this house last fall and it is amazing what they have done so far, more pictures to come soon. I'm really proud of her decorating talents and the way she uses her imagination.
Well, I have a day off today and I'm going to clean and putz. Time to turn on some music, keep the coffee pot on and enjoy the day! I decided I'm taking a day off from sewing too, I need a "Dawn" day for my own house. Tomorrow will be back to the shop and busy again, which I also love, but it's nice to get a break sometimes.
Have a wonderful first day of the week...


  1. You have a wonderful family Dawn, a blessing indeed....thank you for sharing your Easter and enjoy your day "off"! Janet :)

  2. You look so relaxed! It is great that someone took over the main meal with you providing a few dishes!
    Your family looks so adorable! And that room! Absolutely beautiful!
    Enjoy your day off!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing day! Isn't it great when you don't have to do all the cooking? It is fun to cook, but sometimes, it's great not having to!

  4. The pictures convey what a sweet family you have. Your grands are adorable. The colors of the nursery are so pretty and peaceful. That new baby is going to love it.

  5. What a treat not cooking!! Looks like lots of love going around your family. And the nursery is so cute!! Love the colors and love the baby's name- so pretty!!

  6. dawn.....i loved seeing your family and the puppet show must of been great for your dad....i feel so lucky to have met you in person and loved the fun day we had....hope to see you soon....