Friday, April 10, 2009


This really was a GOOD FRIDAY! We had so much darn fun at the shop today! Debbie came in to help me and a new blog buddy came to visit for the first time. Terri from Chocolates For Breakfast, Stitching For Lunch brought her friend Julie and Julie's daughter Megan. Terri is just a hoot and I enjoyed having her so much. Can't wait until she comes back! Terri and I standing in front of the quilt rack/shelf she bought.
Julie, Megan and Terri. Nice, nice people!
Megan holding up the shelf that Julie bought! Hope they all come back for another fun visit.
Now on to the new goodies. We have 3 of these old hanging quilt sections from Terri. They are WONDERFUL!!! They are very old, the backs are made from old feed sacks. She has attached a picture of the old log cabin they came from. $69.95
More mice. Enamel plate and cup with mouse. $19.95
Old copper teapot with mouse peeking out. $24.95
Old coffee pot with mouse peeking out the top. $24.95
Very unusual prim black doll. Her arms and legs are sticks, but the sticks are jointed with rusty wire at the knees. She comes with 3 different seasonal accessories to put with her, a bag of cotton, a pinwheel and an old syrup bottle. $49.95
Primitive summer doll. Angel vine (stick) hair with bees in it holding her flowers. $39.95
Hattie and her Kitty is another new black doll. She has black homespun dress with rusty pins, wool hair, cheesecloth "socks", patent shoes and holding her kitty with a little piece of Sweet Annie. $49.95
Ida Mae is wearing a brown homespun dress, needle felted buttons, rusty bells for hair and her pocket has stitching that says "Dear God, It's me again..." filled with Sweet Annie. $39.95
This is my favorite! Lizzie and her Crow is BIG. She is wearing a feedsack jumper with rusty pins, angel vine hair and is holding a vine wreath, an old crow with Sweet Annie and a removable flag. $79.95
The new look on our "porch". Decided to pull out the Americana!
Another view.
Yet another view.
Just had to show you these new red, white and blue silicone lights. They are awesome! Made by Lori at the Olde Primitive House.
Flowers with ladybugs made by Terri. Just precious for your "prim" garden. $14.95
Lady Liberty is really prim. She has red painted wings, a mustard painted "crown", Liberty stitched on her sash and is holding a red, white and blue candle. $39.95
Glory is our little black Liberty. She has a grunged red flannel skirt, wrapped in her "flag" held by a rusty pin and Sweet Annie, a crown of ticking, and wool hair. $29.95
I'm so sorry the picture didn't turn out better of this eagle. He is made by Terri and is just absolutely awesome! He is large, painted and grungy, has a bell for an eye, a flag in his beek, the "pledge" on this tag, a paper sack crown and is standing on a piece of log. $59.95
So there you have it, ladies. More new goodies at Holly Hills Primitives. Sorry I didn't get to show you more of Terri's new goodies, but they already SOLD!!Don't forget that we can always ship if you see something you like.
Do all of you have Easter plans? Can't wait to go to Ashley and Tony's house for dinner, it is a welcome treat. I feel very blessed this season with so many new "friends" that I'm meeting from blogland. Our new Terri has also been a Godsend! Love, love, love her things and she is such a nice gal! Have a great holiday!


  1. Thanks for making my Friday so much fun, Dawn!!! It was really fun meeting you and Debbie! Julie and Meghan and I all had such a great time and I love all my goodies!!! I think a monthly (at a minimum) visit is going to be in order! Your store is an amazing feast for the eyes and I can't wait to come back!

    Happy Easter to you!

  2. Hi Dawn ~~ Thanks for stopping by, wishing you and your whole Family a Blessed Happy Easter.
    I'll be back when I have time to look around. :-)
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  3. You sure did have a Good Friday Dawn!....and so many new things, wow!....your Americana porch looks irresistable, I wish I could visit!....maybe someday!....have a wonderful time with your family, Happy Easter! Janet :)

  4. What a great shop, I really enjoy your blog. Happy Easter!!

  5. Dawn,
    I just love looking at everything!! The mice in the pots are just too cute!!...and I love the prim dolls!! Oh my, I just love it all!!
    Have a Happy Easter.

  6. Great Blog & Photos! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:

  7. Dawn - I had a great time at your shop BOTH times I was there! Obviously I was really torn the second time with some of those sewing stands you had, but there's always next time, right? I think that it would be a great idea for Terri and I to come out for lunch and go through your shop again. It is so much fun to come in and look at everything! And I'm with Terri - monthly if not more frequent visits are in order. I'll talk to T and see what we can come up with!

  8. Hi Dawn,
    What a great shop and just so many prims! The prim dolls are my favorite they are made so nice:)
    Have a great Easter.

  9. Hi Dawn,
    I did see your post about when you came to Ohio. I used to live in Waynesville...that is where I had my shop. We lived there for 9 years, but in 1993 we decided to move back to Springfield to live closer to family and help my in-laws with their small farm that they had at that time...but sold it a few years back as they are in their mid 70's now.
    Anyways...Springfield is about 45 minutes Northeast of Waynesville. I miss living there sometimes...but we try to go down there a few times each year and I've been doing the Sauerkraut Festival that is there in October for 20 years now.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip when you came to Ohio a few weeks ago. For sure...let me know when you come back in late summer or early fall.