Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Another crummy day of weather in Michigan. The sun would come out and then the wind would pick up and we actually had sleet and hale! It sure never warmed up very much, but optimist that I am, I'm hoping to see better weather starting tomorrow. HOORAY! I hope business picks up with the weather! I'm just sure it will. We got quite a few new stitcheries in today, so I thought I would just show you a sampling. Love this one! It just makes me laugh. 8 x 10 $29.95
Isn't this the truth? $29.95

Boy, I see this more and more every day! $29.95

This is a BIG one done on an old piece of barnwood. Really prim! It's about Noah's Arc and a little girl that learned the story in Sunday school. $49.95

I showed all of you the big quilt pieces we have for wall hangings in an earlier post, but I wanted to share this with you. I just think it's so interesting. The quilt was so tattered that Terri saved the best pieces and made them into prim wall hangings and they are quite large. It was very old and the backing is made out of many things, including old feed sacks - some of the writing is still on some of them. Above is the picture of the old log cabin that the quilt came from. Below are 3 of the hanging we have and the different materials they were made from. Talk about "make-do", I think that whoever made this quilt used every scrap of material she had and all totally by hand. They are so facinating to me!

I did talk to Terri before I left the shop and she is bringing another load of her great handmades in tomorrow afternoon. She was describing some of them to me and I can't wait to see everything. Sounds like she is going to have some wonderful Mother's Day gifts - it's coming fast girls.
Guess I better get the sewing machine revved up. I want to get some dolls stitched up so I can turn and stuff while we watch Idol. Don't forget, two people "get the boot" tonight. Who do you think they will be? Do you think Adam will end up being the winner this year? My personal favorites are Danny and Chris. Time will tell!
Have a great evening and I hope to have pictures of Terri's goodies for tomorrow night. Until then...


  1. Dawn, Love the neat on the barnwood! Hang in there, the weather will get better. It was cold and rainy here today..suppose to be in the 80's this weekend..not sure if that will help our sales or keep people away...they may be doing yard work and not shopping..lets hope they SHOP! I so love reading your all your goodies! Have a wonderful weekend. (sorry I don't watch IDOL..but I hope your favorite WINS!)

  2. More cute goodies Dawn!....sorry to hear your weather is still too chilly for your liking, I think everyone's weather is going to be warm starting Friday. Have you ever looked at that site called ? claims to have a way of measuring the busy signal or something and can predict, with a margin of error, who is safe etc....but the less people the more difficult to predict and right now they have everyone too close to predict! I just have to say though that I REALLY don't care for Adam, did you hear about the pictures of him on the internet doing some REALLY disgusting things? I sure hope he doesn't win and I sure hate it when the judges fall all over him, he's NOT an American Idol!! whew, been wanting to get that off my chest! LOL Have a nice evening! Janet :)

  3. Love the stitchery's especially the one on the barn prim is that? The mother one is sweet too, great gift for Mother's Day!
    Have a great evening,

  4. I love seeing stuff like this and that quilt picture hanging was beautiful....thanks for coming by...hope you get some warmer weather soon...have a great week!

  5. That first stitchery is the best! LOL and those quilts - imagine the stories they can tell!!

    We are grtting 85 degrees here this weekend - I sure wish I could send it your way for you. Too warm too soon for me! LOL I'll take 65 thank you!

    Have a great day! hugs, Linda

  6. Good Morning Dawn!....the dancing and Idol results were right on....I can't believe it's already down to the top 5....I'm always sad when Idol ends because I look forward to watching it so much!....the only good thing about Idol ending is that So You Think You Can Dance begins, I love that show too, how about you? Janet :)

  7. Dawn, Isn't this weather something else? We got the hail here too yesterday and Saturday is going to be 82!!! What crazy weather. Anyway, love all your new stitcheries for your shop! Definitely need to make another trip up soon.

  8. Hi Dawn, it's Karen....sorry I haven't been here for a few days.
    Love the new stitcheries. I wish things like that would sell for me but they don't and I'm not sure why.
    I like them though.
    We had rain most of the day and no sun but the temp got better as the day went on.