Thursday, April 23, 2009


Happy SUNNY Thursday prim pals! Hooray, the rain is gone for a few days!
Quiet day at the shop, people are still out working in their yards - and I don't blame them - wish I was one of them! I promised I would share pictures of the next load of goodies from Terri and they are some good ones! Mr. Big Old Black Cat is on the watch for the mice around the shop. Can you see the little mouse sitting on his tail? He is really prim, painted and wrapped in painted cheesecloth. Don't think he'd hurt the mice, look at his big old heart! $39.95
These are my favorites of the mice. They are sitting in the top of kerosene lamp bottoms. We got 5 different styles and they are just SO cute! $19.95

This little fellow is trying to hide from Mr. Cat in the spout of the tea kettle. Hope he can fit! $24.95
Another little guy has come for tea. Wouldn't somebody's mother love to share her tea with him? $17.95
Oh boy, this guy has gotten into the tobacco tin! He's pretty patriotic though, waving his little flag. $19.95
Still adding to the Ameriana section. Love this grubby star on the old spring! $19.95
These cloth covered firecrackers are adorable. Set of 3 with patriotic tag. $14.95
These ticking stars are mounted on old spindles. One has Sweet Annie and the other has a rusty bell. $19.95
Grubby flag with handmade tag says U.S.A. all the way. The tag is so prim and cute. Mounted on a block of wood with a little pocket of Sweet Annie. $19.95
These tiny little prairie dolls are as sweet as can be to tuck into any little spot or on a cupboard. $9.95
Talk about country! These pinkeeps are made from old feedsack material and nestled in old zinc jar lids. $9.95
Darling prim lamp and shade. The shade has painting of needle and thread, old buttons and rusty pins. The lamp base is filled with spools of thread. $24.95
Tiny heart shelf sitter on an old spindle clothespin. $9.95
These little prim crows are as cute as can be! They are also mounted on an old spindle clothespin. $12.95
Ta-da, and my favorite is - These hearts are just the BEST! It's hard to see them with the light shining on them so bright. They are painted, wrapped in old twin with Sweet Annie and each has a special verse on the front. They are each mounted on an old spindle. I just know I'm going to have to have one of these! $19.95
Well girls, that's the rundown for today AND she is bringing more tomorrow! It's always like Christmas when I see Terri walk in the door, she just brings the most fun prims!
Tonight is "doll" night at my house. I've got about 6 dolls sewn, turned and stuffed and ready to take on their own personalities. I've been itching to get at them all day, so there's no time like the present...


  1. Do you have a heart fettish like I do Dawn? mentioned that you liked those hearts mounted on a spindle the best....they're very cute!....have fun bringing your dollies to life this evening! Janet :)

  2. I just love everything that Terri brought...the cat is the best and I also love the hearts on the sticks too♥

    Have a wonderful evening with your dolls:)

  3. It must be so much fun getting all the new stuff come in!!

  4. What a fun day you had today, Dawn ~ getting all of those adorable new prims for the shop. Have fun sewing tonight. It's supposed to really warm up for the weekend.

  5. Great stuff, Dawn. I love the hearts, too. Can't wait to see the dolls you're makin' tonight!

  6. Hi Dawn,
    Great goodies that you shared today!! I love it all! I love hearts also...Have fun sewing up those dollies tonight.

  7. Hey Dawn! I would love a noodle board.... my stove is about 29 1/2" wide and about 21" deep. Is that standard? I would like one in black since my stove is black and stainless. Any chance of getting handle holes cut in the sides for easy maneuvering?! I may have to show up early - I'm going to be off that day! Yippee!!!