Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Happy SNOWY day girls. I can't believe that it has snowed almost all day here again - an it's supposed to be 60 by this weekend! Oh well, I had a great time at the shop today. Debbie came to spend the day and we worked our "little" tails off moving everything around. One more week of Easter stuff and then there will really be a change! Can't hardly wait! This is the new "porch" area. We will be getting a vintage patio set soon to put on here and will be adding all kinds of Americana for the upcoming holiday. Sure do love the different feel though.
Sure wish these pictures would have come out a little better!
I still love that little chimney cupboard and farm table. Debbie brought in the vintage wardrobe and "Ford Hotel" sign.
Whew - these cupboards are heavy!
We sure do have a good supply of benches right now. Aren't they great in a garden or on a porch?
Little drawers anyone? These old wooden boxes on the floor (another Debbie find) are also just beautiful.
The "log cabin room" expanded today too. It feels so much brighter and bigger!
I'm crazy about this old beadboard cupboard - just wish I had a place for it at home.
This is about the end of our fru-fru things. I was trying to have things for everyone's taste, but decided it just wasn't me. Although, that little Martha Washington sewing stand is adorable.
Front door of one the "houses". Won't be long until it says "summer".
That's the first sneak peek. We had so much fun, but were we ever tired by the end of the day!! Debbie mopped and mopped these old wood floors. So much salt had been tracked in that it's hard to get it up.
This whole week should be a great one. Tomorrow an old customer is coming to visit and our Terri is supposed to be bringing in more handmades. I'm getting so excited to see what she brings! Friday a new blogging buddy is coming for the first time and Saturday Linda (from Primp Your Pad) is coming with a friend of hers. Doesn't get much better than that. Now I've just got to get somebody to fill in so I can go visit her store again! (Gathered Treasures in Grand Ledge, Michigan)
That's it from our snowy Michigan for today. Time to get some dinner ready, put on my p.j.'s and watch Idol. Who do you think will go tonight?
Hope to have pictures of Terri's new goodies tomorrow evening. Until then...


  1. Dawn,
    I sure enjoyed the pics of the shop. You have so many wonderful things I would love to bring home. I need another bench & that beadboard cupboard is wonderful, though I have no room for it, either. We had snow all day today, too. Enjoy Idol.

  2. Dawn your shoppe is absolutely charming!....and I'm thinking I just might get my fill of snow if we moved to Michigan, wow!....I'm getting ready to watch Idol here myself and I think it's either Anoop's, Scott's, or Matt's turn to go....have a lovely evening! Janet :)

  3. Love the shop pics - can't wait to come visit!! I've had plenty of SNOW and don't want another flake! Just got done watching Idol and gotta say Adam was the thriller tonight! What a performance!

  4. Dawn,
    Love the shop pictures!! I'm coming to visit your shop and some others on my next trip to MI. It's been 5 years since I was last up in your beautiful state...and I think that is time to come back.
    I just got done watching Idol also and there are a few that I think might be in trouble tomorrow night.
    We just found out that David Cook will be here performing at our local college in May...and my girls, granddaugther and I are going if we can get tickets, which go on sale in a few days.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  5. Hi Dawn,
    It's me again...Yes, I'm from Ohio. We were in MI 5 years ago for our 25th anniversary and did a light house tour of the Lake Michigan side. Also went to Mackinaw Island and into the UP area. Well...this year will be our 30th and so we've been thinking that this year might just be the time to come back to MI to see the Lake Huron side and the middle of the state. It would be late August if we get to make the trip...I will keep you posted. Maybe you could give us some ideas of places that are must sees while in MI.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway. Can't wait to see who's name gets picked.

  6. Hi Dawn,
    The shop looks like the perfect place to spend an afternoon and have a good rummage round.I guess it brings out the nosey side of people when they walk through your door!!Delightful!

  7. You have a wonderful shop. So many beautiful things and the drawers are so tempting.... I wish I would live a bit nearer. ;)

  8. Wow I love your store Dawn! You have so many neat things! Wish I was closer to come shop there:-)Have a nice Wednesday!

  9. Such a wonderful shop!! Looks so cozy and inviting!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Dawn - I absolutely love your store! This is like something out of the Twilight Zone though - I better explain here! I was just in your shop today and absolutely loved it! Obviously, because I bought a few things, right? I had made note of your store when I saw it advertised in the County Register to visit sometime. I love the town with the antique stores! Anyway, the reason it's like the Twilight Zone is because I looked up your site when I came home to follow your blog, and what do I see but a comment from my good friend, Terri, who is coming to visit you, I think, on Friday!!! I'm going to have to call her! Love, love your store though and it's so close to me, I'll be back soon! I'm glad I got to meet you!

  11. Hi Dawn - me again! Deb called me today and told me about visiting your store! She loved it and I am really looking forward to seeing it and meeting you! The gal that sings "If I Needed You" is Cindy Thornton with Ronnie Sullivan - I love that song and particularly like their version.

    See you Friday!

  12. WOW Dawn! You've done a FANTASTIC job! Your shop looks sooo primitive & inviting! I can tell from the great pictures I'd be shopping for hours! It's beautiful! Man, Debbie is the best...mopping floors & hunting wonderful treasures...she's a keeper! You're "Porch" area turned out fabulous!!! Love the store front too! I think I need to move AGAIN!!!! I NEED MORE ROOM!! Yes, my friend...bye-bye fru-fru!! LOL What a grand time you've been having & the company your expecting! What fun! I just can't wait to visit you! Can't wait to see the feed sack doll either!!!! I wish you two would slow down..I'm so inspired...can't keep up with ya...I'm worn out just think'n about what I want to do!! ROFL BTW...I love the new pic you have on top of your blog!!! It's great! Take care! Missie :)