Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Easter stuff has moved onto the sale shelves and I am trying to get a new look going when you walk in the front door. I had another day of tearing the shop apart yesterday, but it was fun. Debbie came down to help me and we had some good visitors that seemed to like to join in (at least the conversation). This is the beginning of our new look (at least for a little while), but I have LOTS more tweeking to do when I get there today. Trying to get some burgandy up front and get rid of all the pastels!
The little greenhouse is full of handmade flowers now, but lots more to do on that too.
Guess what this is girls! It's an old paper bag sorter from a general store. Wouldn't it be great for so many things - like mail, crafting supplies... $35.00
Another beginning. Betty and Her Bees moved into this little nook in one of our "houses". My husband and I found this old window (frame and all) on the side of the road. Just knew we could do SOMETHING with it and this is the start.
Tapers, tapers, tapers! Terri brought me 200 in every color the other day and they are so great! We have brown, red, green, cream... I spent hours tying ripped strips around the pairs on Tuesday, but I love how they look. Nice and grubby. $6.95 a pair
Great news! One of our long-time customers does the most BEAUTIFUL cards you've ever seen. They are true, frameable works of art. I have tried to get her to sell them for over 2 years and she finally brought me some yesterday. I've never seen anything like them. They have OLD pictures and beautiful "antique" verses. The cards are a gift in themselves. They sell for $9.95 but are worth every penny! Thank you for bringing them and letting me sell these beautiful art pieces in my shop Sally!
Lots more to do when I get to the shop today, but it will feel fresh again and a whole new look. Going more prim, prim, prim as we go. I'm at about 85% made in the U.S.A. and I'm hoping I can reach almost 100% soon. Got some new goodies to put out last night and I have a feeling that Debbie will be back later today too. She is out "picking" all day for me today. Hooray!
The sun is shining and it's supposed to hit almost 70 by tomorrow. I love to have the door open at the shop, people seem to wander in a lot more and it is so welcoming. Wish all of you could wander in and I could meet you!
Better get moving, but maybe I'll have some finished pics for you a little later. Have a great sunny day...


  1. Good Morning Dawn!....the shop looks great!....I know what you mean about getting back to prim only....there's a favorite shop of mine in Williamsburg that is fabulously colonial and primitive but she has started to sneak in some cottage stuff and I don't like it in there!....there are just soooo many cottage style shops, around here anyway! way to go with getting back to what you really love!....well I guess we now know the results on Idol....bummer that two will have to go next week!....the sun is out here today too and it's supposed to get hot over the next couple of days....I will just quietly wait for the cooler weather to return as I am not a fan of the heat....have a wonderful Thursday! Janet :)

  2. LOVE YOUR SHOP...I really like the brick wall in your shop. Sending you a big hug and pat on the back for working on making your store 100% Handmade in USA! Our shop is 100% and is staying that way!
    I hope you have a wonderful day and a super weekend.

  3. That old paper bag sorter would be perfect to display old greeting cards.