Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay prim gals, if I could have a dream come true, this would probably be it! (Believe it or not.) This OLD Greek Revival house is one of the many foreclosures in our area and will be going for sale soon. I would LOVE to buy it and bring it back to all it's glory. It sets just out of town and has the prettiest yard. A couple owners ago, the gardens were just glorious. Couldn't you just see this painted a deep red with white trim?
This is part of the front yard. What a great place for my Rosie dog to play!
The whole end wing is a BIG country kitchen. My hoosier would sure fit in there! I have a galley kitchen now and have always yearned for a kitchen that could be a gathering place for family.

This is a little side entrance that could be cute as the dickens. LOTS of trimming, weeding and TLC.
Entrance into the kitchen wing. I love all of the old picket!
Behind the garage was this little pond and picnic area. I love the old lamp post. When we were there walking around, a huge woodchuck came running out of the bushes! Now for the best part...

This would be the new Holly Hills Primitives! It sure needs work, but I could just see the best primitive shop in this old barn! It has a basement, a main floor and a loft. I could be at home every day and just run out when someone drove in.

Back side of the "barn". It would be so great to have lots of gardeny stuff for sale outside too! I can just close my eyes and imagine how it COULD look.

How about this little garden shed? So much darn fun!
And there is this big 3-car garage. Dick would have to let me use one end to store antiques!
It doesn't hurt to dream and it would be so great to bring this old beauty back to what it should look like! I've thought about it all day long and can just see that little old barn all jazzed up with old signs, grapevine wreaths, and flowers! Thanks for indulging my dreams, what would life be without them?
Sweet dreams...


  1. What a wonderful place! I see why you are dreaming about it!

  2. Oh, I could so go there with you. If only money were no object, huh? It is sad to see a house like that let go. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Dawn!....yes it is fun to dream that is for sure!....I know you are looking forward to Idol tonight just like I says on the web site that tonight is Rat Pack night so I'm thinkin' they'll probably be mixin' things up with the songs....we shall see! Janet

  4. Oh my goodness! That is a beautiful home. It's so sad to see it go into forclosure....

    Your porch is lovely, too! :)
    Happy day-

  5. What a great house! Isn't it sad how people can let things run down and not care??

  6. Ohhhh, I can see it!!!!! Yummy it is! Great house...what a shame it's running down! I can see a georgeous Holly Hills Primitives shop!!! A big, ice cold glass of lemonade, a pond, am I suppose to sleep tonight? Thanks Dawn~LOL!!!! Stuff like this makes me CRAZY!!! CASE & POINT of why I do what I do!!! ROFL Have a good one! Missie