Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Happy rainy Tuesday blogging buddies. What a dreary day! I ended up closing the shop at 3:30 and going to do a little shopping with Ashley and Abbey. NO ONE was out and about in this old, cold rain. Is spring ever going to get here? Had to show you this old round braided rug I just got in. I LOVE it! It is so pretty on this old prim table, but it would look great on a floor too. $55.00
This is a fun old sign made from a table leaf. I'd like to see it in the middle of a flower garden. $29.95
Another sign made on an old cupboard door. $29.95
I think this is a reproduction iron door stop, but it sure looks old. $12.00
Beautiful Jack Russell print.
I tried to get a better picture of the eagle that Terri made. He is really great "in person" and BIG. I love the rusty bells around his neck and for his eye. $59.95
Another one of Terri's adorable mice peeking out of a tea cup. She does such a good job with all of these. $14.95
Not much exciting news in this neck of the woods. I spent most of the day getting the books straight, tieing ripped strips on taper candles and just straightening up around the shop. I was going to paint another chalkboard door, but my brush was ruined. Went to Michael's and got more tonight, so that will be my plan for tomorrow. The weather was terrible all day. Just a cold, steady rain. The temps were only about 39 and the cold went right through you! Good news is that the weather is supposed to get nicer and nicer for the rest of the week - HOORAY!
For all of you Idol fans, who do you think will go this week? My guess is Anoop. Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see for sure.
Have a great evening and we'll talk again soon...


  1. This has been a cold, rainy and dreary day.... sorry business was slow but how nice that you could just go ahead and close up shop! i love the braided rug - I'd love one in red and white or red, whit and tan for my craft room floor - it'd have to be a little bit bigger than that though. If you come across one, give me a holler!

    See you soon!

  2. It has been very rainy and cold here in Ohio today also. Our temps. were alittle warmer...about 55 degrees. The weather man is saying that it might be around 70 degrees on Thursday. Yeah!!
    Love the braided rug and of course...the mice in the tea cup. Terri just makes the cutest mice!
    Have fun watching Idol...I will be watching also.

  3. Guess we are all having the same dismal weather cause in Eastern PA it is just as miserable. Love all your signs on olde stuff - I could have lots of fun in your store...maybe one day!!! Judy

  4. You are so right about the dreary day. If you didn't have to go out, you certainly didn't want to. But sounds like you got yourself a little caught up, which is a good thing because if the weather gets warmer you may be glad you did! Great new things for your shop! My sister collects Rooster trinkets for her house out on Long Island. I may have to get that for her! Hope to make another trip up in the near future!

  5. Hi Dawn!....husband is working late so I just had a bowl of cereal for dinner and am waiting for Idol to begin....it was in the forties and rainy all day here in Central Virginia too....I can't remember if you've said you watch Dancing With The Stars, I do and have been able to catch the last half of their results show after Idol....we'll compare notes tomorrow, enjoy the evening! Janet :)

  6. Hi, Dawn!
    We didn't get any rain up here in northern Mi. ~ we could sure use some. I love that rug, too but I would want a bigger one with blues and browns. Sorry it was a slow day at the shop.

  7. It's been cold and rainy here also. I'm ready for some warm weather so I can work in the yard. I love the colors in that braided rug. I crochet rugs but they don't come out pretty like that one.

  8. Hi Dawn!....I think you're right about Li'l Kim with Derek and Gille the french guy with Cheryl being the ones to beat on DWTS....as for tonight, I think Kris may be in trouble too....I was disappointed with Lil's performance, it was pitchy! LOL....I hated the screamer's performance and thought Danny's was the best of the night! Janet :)

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