Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Good, cold Tuesday evening ladies. Wow, we went from 70 to COLD, but at least it's supposed to get better by Thursday. We got a few new signs and stitcheries in today and thought I would share with you. My favorite is "Country Ways". I'm going to have one of these to put on the fence in the back yard. This was done on old barnwood with some old red paint still on the board. $24.95
Another old piece of barnwood, more gray tones. $19.95
These stitcheries were done on barnwood and wrapped in rusty wire. Very unusual. "Give Peas A Chance" $17.95
"If you can't sleep, don't count sheep - talk to the shepherd." $19.95
"Down The Road A Piece" $19.95

"Revival tonite down by the riverside" $19.95
Door hanger done by our Terri. Basket filled with drieds and Sweet Annie, a cardinal and 2 pinwheels. $39.95
Cute crow pillows with zippers on the back for easy washing. $14.95
This should be a good week at Holly Hills Primitives. I talked to Terri today and she is dropping off LOTS more goodies on Thursday. Her mice just fly out of the store and she has been busy doing lots of other creations. Can't wait to see what she brings this time. We will also be having more dolls and handmades by the end of the week.
I would really like the shop to be FULL before our townwide Ladies Night Out. (It's getting there!) Miss Debbie has been out "scouting" for more antiques too and she NEVER lets me down! This is going to be so much fun. Lots of townwide raffles, door prizes, music and treats. What a great night for a group of gals to get out and have some fun! The streets are lit with pink lights, the shops all have pink balloons out front and it is all geared toward women. I've got to decide what kind of goodies to serve in the shop that night. I want it to be something YUMMY!
It's Idol night again and I'm wondering who will go this week. I know Janet will be watching in Virginia! With this cold weather, it's a great night to get on some p.j.'s and cuddle up with a pillow and blankie.
By the way, I'd like to thank all of you kind gals who left such nice comments about our home tour. Hopefully the weather will get better and we can get some outdoor pictures soon. (We had sleet and hale here today!)
Have a great evening and we'll talk again tomorrow...


  1. Great goodies, Dawn! I can't wait to get up there for GNO and spend some $$$$!!! How about raspberry jello shots for a treat? They're pretty, pink and might help loosen some wallets!

  2. Yep!....Janet watched in Virginia! LOL....not sure about the time zones, you may be watching it now Dawn but I don't think it will spoil anything by just saying that I thought the weakest performances were by Lil and Anoop so they are my prediction for the two to go tomorrow night....the DWTS results show is on right now so I'm going to go and see who gets eliminated....TTFN! Janet :)

  3. Hi Dawn,
    The Ladies Night out sounds like a lot of fun!! To bad that I live in Ohio...cause I'ld love to come. Can't wait to see what Terri brings to the shop.
    I watched Idol tonight and I agree that Lil and Anoop had the weakest performances out of all of them.

  4. Oh I hope you do really well on "The Ladies Night Out". When I had my shop, we had something every so often to bring the people in in the evening. Other shops were opened also. It was so fun!!! My Best to you!