Sunday, April 26, 2009


What a beautiful Saturday morning in Michigan! It was so great to have the door open to the shop and the fresh air blowing in, but then... The sky turned DARK and it was like someone pulled the plug! It poured rain SO hard and the thunder and lightning was like a light show. A lot of homes lost power south of town and, after I got home, the siren went off for a tornado warning. Ashley and Abbey came for dinner and poor little Abbey was so afraid when that siren started. She kept telling us that the thunder was the pups playing in Heaven! They are both keeping the shop this afternoon for me, but I think all plans of working in my flower beds are off (at least for today). Oh well, might be a great day to watch a good movie and stitch!
Terri's husband, Jack, stopped by the shop yesterday with another box of cuties! Wouldn't these little mice look sweet on someone's cupboard or in a spice rack? She is trying to get some things made for sweet little Mother's Day gifts. $12.95
Oh-oh! This old mouse is about to be caught! AND he is sitting right next to a black cat... $17.95
Oh, these little mice are adorable! Sorry about the picture though. They each have a tag that reads, "Happy Mother's Day". Each mouse is bringing his mommy a little flower. $9.95
This little Uncle Sam is so cute! He would look great on a prim shelf or in a small cupboard. $29.95
Wow, what a different star! This "old man" is on a spindle, has a real wool beard, and his face is drawn on. SO COOL! $19.95

A little ladybug flew into our greenhouse to be with her crow friend. She is sitting on a spindle in a little watering can. Wouldn't she be sweet next to your flowers on the front porch? $12.95
Last, but not least, is our little red school desk. It has a lift-up desk top, a swivel chair and is just waiting for some little child to claim it. $29.95
Yup, 2 days off in a row! I'm so excited! I'm thinking Dick and I need to go on some kind of little adventure for one of the days. We haven't done that together in a long time. I love to just ride in the car together, listen to music, and be able to talk to each other. But first, a lazy Sunday morning with the newspaper, a cup of coffee and each other.
Hope all of you have a restful Sunday afternoon and the sun comes back out in your neck of the woods...


  1. Good Morning Dawn!....sounds like you have some nice and relaxing plans, enjoy your days off! Janet :)

  2. I love the mouse on the trap!
    How adorable is that?
    Unless it is the one that is one that is lurking around in my studio! LOL
    Have a relaxing, lazy Sunday!

  3. It is HOT here in PA already....and no day off....But I have Monday and Tuesday for my weekend! Go have a fun is SO SO SO good for the soul. I don't expect it to be very busy so looks like we will get some outside work done today...(I still have to clean the outhouse!) Have a fun two days off....Judy

  4. I hope you have a wonderful relaxing two days off:) Love the ladybug on the stick and the school desk...lucky kid who gets that!

  5. Love all the new additions to your shop! Wasn't that weather yesterday something else? One minute beautiful, the next minute - run for your lives! We still have a lot of power off around here (not ours fortunately). Enjoy your two days off!!

  6. Hope your days off were/are fantastic, Dawn! I love your new goodies (as I always do) but that cute little Uncle Sam is darling!

  7. Hi, Dawn!
    We've had steady rain for 2 days and horrific thunder & lightning yesterday. My one poor dog was terrified. Love all the new prims in your shop. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday.