Monday, April 27, 2009


Welcome to our porch - finally! The weather turned out to be beautiful yesterday and we got lots done. Dick raked out the front and side flower beds and I scrubbed the porches and porch furniture. AND IT FELT GREAT! I ran down to the shop to pick up my big mop and Abbey decided she would rather come home and "help" us than mind the shop with her mom. She had a ball running around barefoot and mopping. The flowers are just starting to peek through the soil, but it won't be long now. Come on up on our porch and relax with me. My poor old bike needs another coat of paint this year, but I still love it. It has 2 baskets on the back and one big basket on the front. I got it a few years ago at a garage sale for $7.50! It's fun to change out the baskets for the different seasons.
Just walk on up the sidewalk and come have a cold glass of iced tea with me. This is the front of our old homestead, but it sure looks bare right now. There are ferns all along the front of the porch and they are just starting to pop through the soil. We do a lot of "porch sitting" in the summer and watch the world go by. It's amazing the people you talk to when you sit on a porch! I think Abbey knows every dog's name that walks by! Can't wait for hanging baskets of flowers and geraniums!

This is one end of the porch (where we generally sit). I'd like to come up with something besides wicker, but I also want something comfortable. (I'd like it to be old - any ideas?)
The other end of the porch - before flowers. All of the Holly parades go in front of our house, so it is so much fun to sit out here and watch. We generally have a good crowd, coffee and donuts! The next one will be Memorial Day. The grandkids LOVE the parades and it is so much fun to watch them get so excited. They all have a great time picking up the candy that the floats throw.
This is the home directly across the street. Isn't it beautiful!? The previous owners had the most glorious gardens in the back yard. I have a thing for old houses and I feel so fortunate to live in the historic district and to be surrounded by these old beauties.
This one is also across the street, but not quite as old. (Built in the 1920's) That big screened in porch is wonderful.
These homes are down the other direction. One is sure a "painted Victorian lady" and the other is stone. They both have turrets and big wrap-around porches. One of these days I'll drive around town and take some pictures of my favorites to share.
We are supposed to have good weather again for part of the day, so we will be off to the back yard! My daffodils are open and everything else is starting to bud. Next month we will have hundreds of Lily Of The Valley. That smell is so intoxicating, one little bouquet can do wonders in the house. I have SO many plans for our backyard this year! I want to do an area just for little enclosed campfires, put in another flower garden, and add a small veggie garden. There is nothing like being able to be outside and it's so limited in Michigan!
Well girls, thanks for stopping by and visiting our porch. Maybe later we'll go sit on the back porch! Have a wonderful sunny day - at least before the rain gets here later - and we'll talk again soon...


  1. I just love your house, Dawn! I would love to join you on the porch for a glass of iced tea (sweet, souther style)! I hope when Rob and I retire that I can live in an historic district somewhere (preferably in the South) and have a home with a porch very much like yours. Love the bike!

  2. What a wonderful visit to your home and neighborhood. Love all the olde homes. I live in an olde farmhouse built in 1828...BUT a builder had purchased the farm and built all new homes around it...of course that was almost 40 years ago so I guess those homes are getting a bit olde now!!! LOL!! Your porch is a perfect "parade" watching "iced tea" sipping place to be..JUST LIKE IT IS !!! Judy

  3. I just love your porch!Love your old bike. Your house is so pretty and how lucky you are to live on a street with all those other wonderful old homes around you!I think it sounds so fun to have the parades come down your street,too! Have a great day Dawn!

  4. What a pretty picture. Your home is so cute and you do live in such a lovely neighborhood!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I've been searching for a bike similar to yours but they're hard to come by now - since garden art has caught on so big they are not very reasonably priced if you do find one.
    You got very lucky.

  5. Love your porch, but really love the bicycle! Your neighborhood, looks a lot like my neighborhood!

  6. It looks like you live in a wonderful neighborhood. So nice to look out and see those wonderful houses around you! I love your bike and changing it out during the year. And I personally like your wicker furniture. Maybe a coat of paint and some cushions to match?

  7. Hi Dawn!....your porch looks so inviting and the houses around you are so pretty too! Janet

  8. What a beautiful home you the porch and how nice to have the parade come right by your home! Such a nice neiborhood too, love the old homes. I'll be waiting for pics of the back porch:)

  9. I love the big porch on your house and would love to come and sit with you and have a glass of iced tea! What about a porch swing?? We live in Amish country and they make such beautiful swings. We are going to go look at one for our back deck. I love the old Victorian homes also. We live in the heart of where the oil industry started and there are many grand, old homes here.

  10. OH I just love your porch and all the warm and welcoming decor. The house bulit in the 1920's very similiar to my chilhood home! Love it!

  11. Hi Dawn,
    I love your front porch and your house is so beautiful! The old bike is great!

  12. Oh Dawn...what a beautiful neighborhood & home you have! I LOVE your porch even when it's 'naked" of flowers! Your bike is adorable...and your wicker furniture looks great! We live in a historical part of town as well, but only one of the parades pass our is such FUN to have everyone over to watch...for the other's we go to my in-law's house where everyone meets up & has donuts & such! I'd love to have a glass of iced tea with you on your beautiful porch! Maybe some day! Can't wait to see your gardens & back porch! Thanks for sharing! Missie