Thursday, April 16, 2009


Good evening prim pals. I haven't done any home tours lately, so I thought I would do a quick one of my daughter's family home. They just moved in at the end of the summer last year, and I think they have done an amazing job so far. Of course I had to start out with my Abbey girl and her best friend, Lola.
The living room is so cozy and dramatic. They used a chocolate brown paint for the walls and all the trim is white. Love all of the pictures going up the stairs.

The "ceiling tiles" on the walls are actually freebie plastic ones you can get as samples. They look like the real thing!
The coffee table is an old cupboard, laid on it's back, and used as a trunk. It's old chippy white and green paint and looks adorable.
Ashley used an old ironing board as a sofa table and it works like a charm. She has her cosmotology license, so Debbie gave her the old sign.

The "chalkboard" is painted on the kitchen wall and framed with an old white frame. Can you tell they are excited about the birth of Lucy???
This one didn't come out very well, but her kitchen curtains are made from old feed sacks. Abbey's wheat grass is growing like crazy on the sill.
The blacksmith sign was a wedding present made by Debbie's husband, Kenny. Ashley showed Saddlebred horses for years and taught riding lessons as an adult. The old tool tote is hung on the wall and used to store towels and kitchen goodies in.
Kitchen table is soon to be replaced with an island - she can't wait. She has an old black table picked out at the shop to be made into the island - it even has a bite out of it from a horse!
Her new lights (made by The Olde Primitive House) around her kitchen window. The horse is an antique iron Saddlebred.
Old screen door on the pantry. (It's my favorite!)
The master bedroom is painted gray with black and burgandy accents. I just love this wall! All black and whites from their wedding.
All burgandy bedding. The quilt at the foot of the bed was made by my cousin, Ruth Ann, and was a wedding gift. (Lucky couple!)
Dresser with wedding veil and glitzy lamps. Such a cozy room!
For one of their bathrooms, they opted to go with a bird theme. This shower curtain is so pretty.
One of the bathroom prints.
More bird prints and cute little cupboard.
The mirror and drawers were given to them by a friend and were old dark pine. Ashley painted them and Tony hung it on the wall. Looks so darn cute now!
There you have part one! We didn't get the dining room, other bath, Abbey's room, the nursery or the craft room this time, but they will be coming soon. I'm so proud of my daughter. She has taken lots of hand-me-downs and turned them into such great things. She definately has the touch. She isn't quite as prim as her mother, but I love that she uses her imagination. Wait until you see her little craft room, she did the whole thing for about $25.00!!! Hope you enjoyed this little tour and we will be having more home tours soon.
Today was a fabulous Michigan spring day - finally! The sun was shining bright, I had the door to the shop open, and everyone seemed to be in such a good mood. It's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow!
Time to change our front window at the shop tomorrow. Ready for some summer colors!
In case any of you gals live close, Holly is going to have "Ladies Night Out" on May 8th from 5 to 9 p.m. The whole town participates. Each shop has specials, treats, door prizes, etc. The town is decked out in pink lights and pink balloons. We'd love to have you come if you can.
I covered cushions for the rocking chair in Ashley's nursery tonight and she made dinner - what a great trade! Time to get my laundry put away and back to reality. Have a great evening and we'll talk again tomorrow...


  1. Dawn,
    What a lovely home they have & I love all of the special touches she has added. I just love B&W photos, love that wall in their bedroom. Thanks for sharing. I bet they are excited for the big day when Lucy arrives.

  2. Hi Dawn!....she has made such a cozy home for her family....I love her creative touches too!....thank you for sharing the pics! Janet :)

  3. Their home looks so nice. I especially love the chocolate brown walls with the white trim.

  4. great tour! I am gonna put my ironing board behind my couch right now....Thanks! Beth

  5. hi dawn....i really enjoyed the tour of your daughters home...i am still doing my redo at the shop...too many appointments this week that got in my way....i hope to get over there today but i have my four year old with it will go slow again...tonight i have three of my grands here fun...enjoy the warm temps....i am so excited to open up my windows and doors here at home....hopefully tomorrow i will be able to..

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics of your daughter's home, Dawn. It's so fun to see how others do things and to take away an idea or two. GNO in Holly sounds FUN! Julie and I and Sheila (you haven't met her yet) and Deb may all have to make it a night out!

    Love the red bag holder in your previous post!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your daughter's home, I loved the chalkboard with the days until Lucy is born:) Your daughter is just like you:)

  8. I love the tour of your daughters home. I love the screen door at the pantry. I have one into my laundry rm. off my kitchen. Get lots of goreat comments on it too! she has a great nack of deocrating! dawn